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Thank you for your purchase of the TweetLikeThis Plan.

I’m going to walk you through the steps that I would suggest for anyone using Twitter. Even if you have been around Twitter a while I’m sure I’ll spark new ideas with these suggestions.

I have found that sometimes it is easier to brainstorm about a tweet idea and create lots of great tweets in a short amount of time. I learned that if I tweet them all at once at 6 am in the morning, not many people will see them.

I needed a place to keep my tweets waiting for me to use them. I created a spreadsheet (Excel like) in Google docs. This allowed me to list, organize and schedule my (non-conversational) tweets.

I called it TweetLikeThis.

You now have your own personal TweetLikeThis Plan. From your order I’ll get your email address which allows me to create your TweetLikeThis Plan.

Your TweetLikeThis Plan is a Google document that I am sharing with you. The email you receive will have instructions on how to open your TweetLikeThis Plan Google document.

Within your TweetLikeThis Plan there is a count to show you how many of the 140 characters you have used.

I’ve tried to RT people who took up all the 140 characters and there was not enough room to add “RT @theirusername.”
There is also a count that includes leaving room for your “RT @yourusername.”

This is why I personally have to create your TweetLikeThis Plan, I have to put in your username. 🙂

Paypal will send me an email letting me know you have paid. Once I get the email, at my first opportunity, I will create your TweetLikeThis Plan.

I’ll send you an email letting you know how to sign in.

In the meantime:

Your first mission is to go to http://WeFollow.com, sign up and select 5 categories.

Make a note of the 5 categories, we will use them again.

I will only tell you about sites that I use and I feel can be trusted. WeFollow is such a site.

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I just started the @TweetLikeThis training and so far it is fun!