03. Following WeFollow

Follow people in your categories on http://WeFollow.com.

You may have already done this but take a look at the people at the top of each category that you have chosen. These people have been around a while and will have their own Tweet style. Let their tweets inspire your tweets.

There are two type of people, those that will follow you and those who will not. It is sometimes easy to tell, if they have 100,000 followers and are following 244 then you are not going to be followed back. You can still follow this profile but it should provide you w/ useful information.

You can only follow 2000 people UNTIL 2000 people have followed you. Then you can not follow more than 10% of your followed number.

If you are under 2000 followers and follow 201 people who do not follow you back, you will not be allowed to follow more than 2000 people unless 201 people are following you that you are NOT following.

It’s because of this Twitter limit that following those who follow you is polite Twitter etiquette.

If you are wanting a lot of followers, I would suggest following many WeFollow.com people, especially those at the bottom of your categories.

There is an hourly limit so you can not follow more than 100 people an hour. (But if you are reading their profile that is hard to do.)
There is a daily limit of 1000.

If you need to, unfollow those who do not follow you back within a week. You have to do this because of the Twitter limits.

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