04. M-RT

Pick someone you always want to RT & add them to M-RT.

01. Copy the username of someone you want to retweet.
02. Open your TweetLikeThis spreadsheet and go to the sheet M-RT (tabs are on bottom of page)
03. Paste the username into the cell after the http://twitter.com/
04. Test it by clicking the pop-up square on the left which will launch their Twitter page
Please watch video to see it in action:

Watch M-RT Video

ReTweeting is a tradition of Twitter. ReTweeting or RT is repeating someone else’s tweet. It started at the beginning of Twitter and there is now a button for ReTweeting.

The button for ReTweeting treats the retweeted tweet a little differently than how we did it in the old days. The problem with the ReTweet button is that the user who you ReTweeted will NOT see that you ReTweeted them in their @ mention stream. The user will only see that you ReTweeted them when they view their ReTweet page.

I use the ReTweet Button sometimes but not all the time.

The other problem with the ReTweet Button is you can not add to the tweet.

To RT someone, add their @username and the letters “RT” to the tweet.

I just tweeted “Your tweets inspire my tweets.”

You could RT it like this:

RT @YanceyG Your tweets inspire my tweets.
Your tweets inspire my tweets. RT @YanceyG
Your tweets inspire my tweets. via @YanceyG

And other variations. Actual RTs by others:

Reciprocation! @YanceyG Your tweets inspire my tweets.
Is that the new romantic statement? ‘Your words inspire me’ for a modern generation? RT @YanceyG: Your tweets inspire my tweets.

It might be a good idea to add to a Tweet as search engines show the first person to tweet something and duplicates are sometimes buried.

When you are ready -> CLICK HERE!

Tweet Teacher Yancey

PS Click to tweet:
Your tweets inspire my tweets. RT @YanceyG http://YanceyG.com