05. Twitter Lists

Twitter has lists where you can group people and then watch the stream from all those on the list.

You can put 500 people on a list.
You can make 20 lists.

Your lists can be public or private.
You do not have to follow someone to put them on a list.

To start a list, view someone’s profile.
Click on “Lists”
Click on “New List”
Enter list information.

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You can group people by subject or common topic.
Businesses can put people on a lists as a reward to customers.

I have a list of people from the town and area in which I live.
I have a private list of my family and personal friends.
I make a list each month for people who RT or @ mention me.

This information is from an article about Twitter lists: http://www.brandrants.com/2009/11/4-types-twitter-lists-use.html

1. Lists to segment your followers
2. Lists to rate your followers
Rating lists:

* Signal to noise ratio – People who dispense good content with lots of other stuff mixed in.
* Fire Starters – People who may be willing to help me online if ever I need to spread the word about something.
* Friends and Family
* Clients
* Client-related – Typically, this involves listening in on key opinion leaders from categories related to my clients’ businesses.
* Tweeple I’ve met – Twitterers who I have met face-to-face.
* Tweeple of interest – Basically, my favorites. Admittedly, not all of these folks are marketing-related. Some are just fun to follow like @macygrayslife or @newmediajim or @earthquakenews
* The Others – Followers who seem to be sincere, even though they have no relation to or apparent use for marketing information.

1. Lists to identify and recommend reliable sources for any given topic or purpose.
2. Lists designed to express an opinion, flag a certain type of tweeter, help tweeters self-identify or simply amuse.

Listorious.com is a site dedicated to Twitter lists.
You can find lists to follow.
You will see great ideas for lists that might help you decide how to create yours.
If you decide to sign up, you can submit your lists for people to find.

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