07. T-Tw 16 Tweets for Tuesday

Using the T-Tw (Tuesday Tweets) sheet in your TweetLikeThis Plan, enter 16 Tweets around a new subject.

Pick one of the categories that you used on WeFollow or use the genera of history.

Real Estate
What is the history of the area? When was the high school built? What famous people are from there?
Go to Wikipedia.com and enter your city or area to find statistics that you can tweet.

What year did your business start? What prompted you to start the business? Who was with you at the start?
What is the history of your products/services? What milestones can you tweet about?

If more than one person at your business is going to tweet for your business account, consider using Co-Tweet.

Remember the world is watching so you might not want to get TOO personal.
What is your personal history? What grade in school did you like the best? What goals did you hit last year? Where have you gone on vacation?

Energy Worker
What is the history of your chosen energy modality? What is your history with your energy modality?

Note that this is NOT a selling or Ad tweet. If you want to work on advertisement style tweets, use the M-Ad sheet of your TweetLikeThis spreadsheet.

For more ideas, here is an article for museums, scroll down to: What should a Museum tweet?
See also the Tips for creating more interesting tweets for your Museum.
How can you use these suggestions for yourself?

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