09. Tweetdeck and bit.ly

I have ready many times that people say TweetDeck made Twitter more fun for them.

TweetDeck is a stand alone application that you can use on PC, Mac or Linux. The application runs on Adobe AIR.

TweetDeck makes it easy to monitor your Lists, @ mentions and DMs.

Go to TweetDeck.com and download the application.

Watch TweetDeck Video

You can connect your TweetDeck to your bit.ly account. Then when you put a long URL in Tweetdeck, it will shorten it to a bit.ly and you can track the statistics.

On Tweetdeck:
Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner, float mouse over and it will say “Settings.”

Click on “Services”

Enter your bit.ly username.

To get your API Key, click on “Get Your API Key” or go to bit.ly and click “Account.”

Click “Save Settings.”

Notice on the TweetDeck right side the “Auto Shorten URLs?” with a Check Box.
Click the Check Box to enable URL shortening.

Try it, Tweet something with a long URL and see how TweetDeck shortens it to a bit.ly link.
Notice how it shows up on your bit.ly link tracking page.

To open a TweetDeck column for one of your lists:
Click the Plus Sign in the upper left corner. Float your mouse over it and it says: “Add Column”

Click on “Groups/Lists” then select the list you want.

Use the TweetDeck Directory to find people to follow based on Twitter lists.

Noting: some people like the Seesmic desktop client better than TweetDeck. If you want to play with it, go to http://seesmic.com.

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