13. W-Tw 16 Tweets for Wednesday

Using the W-Tw (Wednesday Tweets) sheet in your TweetLikeThis Plan, enter 16 Tweets around a new subject.

Pick one of the categories that you used on WeFollow.

Here is an article: 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners

Write tweets about your blog, photos, videos, favorite sites, links inside other social sites, jokes, stories or blogs you like.

Or, other ideas:

Real Estate
What information do you always tell buyers? Write 16 tweets just for buyers.
– what to look for in a home
– info on different areas of town
– best practices

Link to media about your industry or business. Link to any white papers, FAQ’s or other deep areas of your web site.
If you wrote 16 tweets about one product for T-Tw, write 16 tweets about another product for W-Tw.

Make statements that describe your personality.

Energy Worker
What mind frame do you like to attain? What do you think about before, during and after doing your work?

Here is an article to inspire you: 10 Creative Ways Businesses Used Twitter in 2009 Make sure you put any advertisement tweet ideas in one of the M-Ad – SuAd sheets.

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