14. Tweetfind.com

Tweetfind.com is a Twitter directory of businesses and users. On Twitter @tweetfind.

You can submit your Twitter info for free.

Tweetfind is run by a friend of mine, Ruben Orozco.

Go to Tweetfind.com

Click on the “Submit your Twitter for Free” button in the upper left corner.

Then click “Submit for free.”

Choose a category and fill out the rest of the fields.

Watch Tweetfind Video

Look in your categories on Tweetfind and follow those that meet your criteria. After you following them, consider tweeting to them and telling them that you found them using @Tweetfind.

Greeting @username, I found you using @tweetfind, nice to meet you.
@username While looking through @tweetfind I found & read your profile. Hello.

When you are ready -> CLICK HERE!

Tweet Teacher Yancey

PS Click to tweet:
Adding myself to http://tweetfind.com upon the suggestion of @TweetLikeThis http://YanceyG.com