40. Monday – Sunday Quote

I’m sure you have noticed the M-Qu, T-Qu, W-Qu, ThQu, F-Qu, S-Qu and SuQu sheets on your TweetLikeThis spreadsheet. As you have already guessed these are listing either quotes or questions.

Using quotes on Twitter is very natural, quite a few people use quotes. I suggest using more obscure quotes rather than the common ones that everyone has access to. Use quotes from people in your field, blogs with your interest and books about your subject. You can go to Amazon.com and read parts of books by clicking the “Look Inside” link when it is available. Read looking for quotes that you can use.

I also suggest always giving credit for the quote. If there is no other name, people assume you wrote the quote. I have taken people’s quotes and Googled them to find that the cleaver quote quip that they just made was really from George Washington.

Questions that are answerable go a long way on Twitter. Questions allow your users an easy way to communicate with you by answering. What questions can you ask about your industry, products and services? What questions can you ask that will get your followers answering?

Asking compelling questions on Twitter can get your followers involved.

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