41. Monday – Sunday Ad

The Ad pages of your TweetLikeThis spreadsheet are for your Advertisements. The reason I left Ads for last is to keep them in perspective with Twitter tweet etiquette. Nobody wants to follow profiles that only tweet Ads. Everyone enjoys following profiles that offer value. Hopefully the tweets you have written so far will be valuable to your followers.

There are basically three types of tweets:
1. those you have pre-written in your TweetLikeThis spreadsheet
2. conversational tweets including @ mentions RTs and @ replies.
3. Advertisment tweets

The knowledge of the Twitter Golden Egg is to only have ads as a small part of your Twitter stream.

Write 16 ads for each day using the M-Ad – SuAd sheets of your TweetLikeThis Plan.

Make your ad tweets readable, compelling, fun, and clickable.

Now you should have 16 tweets, 16 people to RT, 16 quotes or questions, and 16 ads for each day of the week.

You have now won the Twitter Golden Egg!

I congratulate you on making it through my Twitter tweet tutorial. Please let me know that you have finished by having some fun and tweeting me by clicking on one of the following messages.

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Yancey! I just won the Twitter Golden Egg!

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Tweet Teacher Yancey

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