As you fly around the Twitscape you’ll want to land on some Twitter Trees.

This is my link list for myself, use at your own caution.
Yes, I know I need to clean up this page. Top of the current cool list. The Follow Conversations is awesome. New way of looking at Twitter. I like it so far.

Need to read more:
– Geeky Follow – Flush – Reciprocate – Cleanup

TweetDeck AIR client interface for Twitter

TwitScoop is also in TweetDeck – Watching what is buzzing.

Bing Tweets – Fusing Twitter Trends with Bing Insights

Tweetfeel – Tries to compare good/bad of keyword”>Karma Twitter May not work with over 10k followers.

FlashTweet – noting here, have not used yet. mass follow – use with caution, do not use with an account you care about. Tweet your site, noted here for a friend of mine. another by the same people have no clue if it’s good or not. Let me know if you try it. and