Making of a Facebook Page – Finding a Facebook Coach – Mari Smith

Do you have a Facebook Page set up and need to make it more dynamic? Me too. It is so easy to get overwhelmed. The best way for me around that is to focus on one thing at a time.

First focus, find a Facebook Coach.

In 2009 I went to The Twitter Conference L.A. 140tc and saw Mari Smith.1

Mari was part of the branding experts panel, here is a link.

Because of this and Mari’s position in the field I have chosen her as my first line of information and my Facebook Coach. If you have just started a Facebook Page, join my team and follow along by reading this blog. Teal Coach Mari will take us all to success.

I created a folder in my bookmarks and added Mari’s three main sites:

Before we read steps from Mari, lets see how it is done. Take a look at Mari’s Facebook Page.

Here is a list of action items found by just viewing her page:

  1. Use your profile graphic for more than a picture
  2. Learn FBML to create a “Welcome” page
  3. Top of page is call to action to “Like” the page
    • make exciting graphic
    • red arrow point to “Like” button
  4. Next shows info
    • including last tweet
    • including tweet follower count
  5. Next is Video
    • write script
    • find tripod
    • dust off camera
    • video/edit/upload
  6. Welcome Letter
  7. Latest Blog Posts
  8. Flickr Link

We got all these action items by just looking at her page for 2 minutes. Feeling overwhelmed yet? I am.

I have directly linked to her “Welcome!” page and she has made this the default landing page for her Facebook page. Many people believe a welcome page is best as the first thing people see.

My fan page is at and if you join right now, you’ll go to my Wall. As soon as I’ve completed my tasks, it will be my Welcome page you’ll land on.

  1. If you look at the picture in this link you can see Mari in her signature teal to the right of Tony Robbins. I’m closer to the back of the room under his hand. []

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