Fundamental Compare

How does a stock compare to it’s Industry and Sector?

For this section please use the values of 0 to 5.
0 being no points and 5 being the best with 5 points.

An example would be:
P/E Ratio (TTM) – Industry: 4
P/E Ratio (TTM) – Sector: 1.75
If the stock is better than the Industry it gets 4 points and if it is better than it’s Sector it gets 1.75 points.

If you believe a fundamental to be unquantifiable, a value judgement or not useful, leave it blank or give it a 0.

Assume points for the “correct” direction. For Beta a stock gets points if it is lower than it’s Industry or Sector but Current Ratio gets points when it is higher.

To take the questionnaire, take a look at each line.

Like the first line: “P/E Ratio (TTM) – Industry”.

So for this one the question would be … for any stock out there, if it’s P/E Ratio is BETTER (in this case lower) than it’s Industry Average it gets [ put number in here ] points. So if you thought it was fantastic to have a better P/E then it’s Industry any stock would get a 5. If you don’t think this fundamental matters at all you would give it a 0.

The next line would be how many points for any stock having a better P/E than its Sector. How many points, 5 for great if it’s better 3 for just fine if it’s better and 0 for who cares if it’s better.

I’m getting my data from a public source, currently Reuters Financial page.
Here is an example showing AT&T.

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