@ssnRose Watercolor 004

Susan Rose's Twitter Tag @ssnRoseMy wife, the artist Susan Rose, has come up with some great watercolors that make fantastic Twitter Backgrounds.

There is a tag on the side that say’s:

Bkgrd by @SSNROSE

You may use one of these pictures as your Twitter background as long as you don’t cover Susan’s tag.

Click the image for full size then download
Right Click and choose “Save Image As…”

Post to Twitter:
Thanks @ssnRose, I used your art as my Background on Twitter!.”

@ssnRose Watercolor 004a @ssnRose Watercolor 004d
@ssnRose Watercolor 004c @ssnRose Watercolor 004b

Permission is granted to use these images as Background images for Twitter.
Please do not cover Susan’s Tag or Twitter name.
Susan Rose is on Twitter @ssnRose

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