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I’ve done blogs in the past so when I needed a blog to go along with my Twitter profile, I decided to do the easiest thing.

I researched and found WordPress to be the best blogging platform for me. It gave me the flexibility to create different looking blogs for different clients but gave us the CONTROL to put in ads for us, not the hosting company.

WordPress is great but it is just the basic (fantastic) database application. Next you need a great interface to have easy, quick and flexible access to the WordPress database.

Thesis Theme for WordPressI’ve been using the Thesis Theme for WordPress for over a year now and on more than a dozen different blogs. Chris Pearson, the codewrangler keeps making the Thesis Theme better and better. The first version I used was great but the latest version is unbelievable. As in if you use it you would not believe how hard the things that it does easily used to be for us.

Thesis_SupportThe new Thesis Theme makes it easy for even the un technical to control their blog. And if you do have a problem, Chris pays a guy to answer ALL your questions on the Thesis support forum. I’ve asked LOTS of questions and always got a great answer. I’ve also answered lots of questions there. The support for the Thesis Theme is unparalleled.

If you decide to use the Thesis Theme, PLEASE send me link to your blog.

Thanks – Yancey

Gallery of Blogs made with the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Gallery of Blogs made with the Thesis Theme for WordPress

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