Ready to have (more) fun on Twitter?

Hi, I’m Yancey and I have fun helping people enjoy Twitter.

1. While helping my friends I created a Twitter training outline based on their questions and my desire to get them up and running as fast as possible.

2. I’ve been using a tweet schedule spreadsheet that I created so I would have tweets ready to go each day.

I’ve combined the two creating the: TweetLikeThis Plan

Become my friend and I’ll let you in on what I do. I’ll create a TweetLikeThis Plan just for you and I’ll give you ideas on how to fill it in.

Today the TweetLikeThis Plan is $1.95!

I made videos of me doing the steps with my @TweetLikeThis profile so it will be easy for you to follow along.

Purchase TweetLikeThis Plan
– Over 20 Quick Instructional Videos (Example Video)
[how to become a Twitter expert in no time, these short videos teach you the ins and outs of Twitter.]
– Tweet strategy plan
[how to grow a list of great followers of real people, not spammers]
– Help writing tweets
[how to say what you want to say in 140 char or less, Twittereeze]
– What to tweet about!
[how to capture your follower’s attention]
– Create a tweet schedule
[too busy to tweet? how to tweet while doing other things]
– Best Twitter directories to get listed in
[there are lots of directories out there, these bring me the most followers]
– Identify & achieve tweet goals
[I now have over 30,000 followers, how did I get there? Here are my proven secrets to find the people you want to follow you!]
– Insights on how to use Twitter
[all my secrets revealed]

Purchase TweetLikeThis Plan for $1.95!

What this is NOT
– a get rich quick scheme
– a way to get 2000 followers a day
– untested
– unfun
– unexciting
– a way to get whiter teeth


Well this is great – cause like you say we get these ideas in our heads, but its six am and no one sees them.

I have all sorts of lists for this stuff, but nothing that is organized with technology.
Grace E Mauzy, MA
Tigress Teens