Adding Tweetmeme WordPress Plugin for Twitter

I’ve tried a couple of the Twitter plugin’s for WordPress and this is one that I’m fond of.

Click -> “Plugins”

Click -> “Add New”

Enter “tweetmeme” into the search field:

tweetmeme twitter WordPress Plugin

Click -> “Search Pllugins”

Click -> “Install” next to the TweetMeme Button

I got a warning that the version may not be compatable with the latest version of WordPress but I clicked “install” anyway.

Click -> “Activate Plugin”

From the Manage Plugins page on your Dashboard
Click -> “TweetMeme” which is in the left column.

Enter your Twitter user name in the Source field. Here I have put in mine:
Tweetmeme WordPress Plugin Source

I’d like to turn the URL shortner off as I’ve made my links small enough but will have to live with it.

Click -> “Save Changes”

Cool, now I’ve made it easy to RT (retweet) my WordPress blog posts but it also shows 0 way too long!

Do me a favor, click the Tweetmeme button on this post so I don’t have to see the 0 on it. 🙂

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