Auto-Follow Auto-Unfollow Twitter Merry Go Round

Get spun around on the Twitter Auto-follow, auto-unfollow merry go round.

Every morning I try to add a new person to follow and I can’t because I’ve gone over the Twitter limit. How could that be, I just signed on… Easy, I’m using external applications that connect with Twitter.

Lets use Twollo for an example. Right now, I’m only using Twollo for it’s groups. Each morning Twollo runs and automatically follows new people in the group for me. It is also doing this for others in the group having them follow me.

Here is the problem, I’m only allowed so may API hits from Twitter an hour and they get quickly used up doing this and the other apps and directories I’m listed on.

Twollo for Twitter NetworkTwollo Groups is fantastic by itself, but I am also using other apps that help people follow me.

So now I get people following me but I am unable to follow them back because I’ve hit my limit. They run their bulk “unfollow people who are NOT following me” and they are gone. Until tomorrow morning when another program again has them follow me.

And the Auto-Follow Auto-Unfollow Merry Go Round continues to Twitter along.

By the way – if you are thinking about joining Twollo Groups, make sure you DO NOT HAVE an automatic Direct message. If you do, people will have to add you individually. Can you imagine having 100 automatic direct messages from joining a group?

Automatic Direct messages on Twitter are starting to have a stigma.

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