Backing up Twitter using WordPress Blog (Want one?)

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Twitter. I sometimes tweet a lot. I learned that Twitter does not keep your old Tweets. They limit the amount the keep and for a heavy user the time limit is shorter. Blogs Blogs

I wanted to save my Tweets.

I read about several solutions and I am using several of them. So should you and you can have a Twitter Tweets WordPress Blog too.

One solution was to create a WordPress blog that will automatically capture and will save your Tweets. I didn’t want to use this blog because all the Twitter traffic would have muddied it up.

Twitter Tweets need their own blog for safe keeping.

By having your Tweets in a WordPress blog, they are saved in a database. It is SO much easier to search than my Twitter account at My Tweets are also organized by day and month!

Here is what I did, I got a new domain ( so my Twitter Tweets would have WordPress blogs just to themselves. I have several Twitter accounts. I’m using subdomains so my @4uqi Twitter account is at

I can make a blog for your Twitter Tweets as well. Your blog would be

I really like the ability to search my Tweets. I’ve looked for people I’ve @replied and found all of my side of every conversation. I’ve also searched for keywords to see how many times I’ve Tweeted them.

Here is what your Twitter backup blog would look like:


We had fun with the name;

it is a Safe Tweet Net (Safety Net) for your Twitter Tweets.

To get your own WordPress blog for saving your Tweets, just fill out this request form.

– Yancey

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