Change your Username on Twitter

Did you know you can change your Username on Twitter?

If you picked a name a long time ago that you are tired of, you can just change it on the Settings page. Twitter will automatically tell you if a new name is available.

I changed my Username from YanceyG to 4uqi. I wanted to link to blog articles like this without Twitter truncating the URL link so I needed a shorter Username. I chose 4uqi because it was only 4 characters.

Twitter Username Settings

If you change your Username, everything on Twitter will remain the same. You will keep all your Tweets, Followers and Following.

Warning: you will loose your settings on third party Twitter websites that use OAuth. Your setting on those sites are tied to your Username. You will have to re-set up these sites.

Important point to make here, I highly recommend ONLY using sites that use OAuth. You must really trust any site that you sign in at THEN give your Twitter Username AND Password. With OAuth, third party sites never see your Twitter Password.

OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve application to act on their behalf without sharing their password. Twitter OAuth FAQ1

It is easy to change your Username on Twitter especially if you do not use any 3rd party apps.

If you are not sure which 3rd party application you are using, go to your Connections settings page.

Click -> Settings -> Connections

Here you can see all your 3rd party apps.
Twitter Connections Settings

This screen shot shows the first one having Revoked Access. When I just now tried to visit the site Firefox blocked it and said:
firefox blocks web forgery

Egads, I guess my next post will be on changing your Twitter Password.

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