I've Been Locked Out of Twitter or How NOT to Change Your Password

There it is, a screen shot of the situation. I’ve been locked out of Twitter! There is an honest explanation, I promise.
Twitter Locked Out of Account

The short story: I changed my password then while updating it sent through too many wrong password requests.

The long story:

While checking my Twitter 3rd party connections I found one that was bad which lead to me changing my Twitter Password.

To check your connections go to:

Settings -> Connections

Here you can see all your 3rd party apps.

The top one was my offender. This screen shot shows it having Revoked Access. I revoked the access after FireFox blocked the site from me.
Twitter Connections Settings
I clicked to view the web page and FireFox displayed the next graphic.

firefox blocks web forgery

This is how that lead to being locked out of Twitter –

I changed my Twitter Password but as I logged onto other tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, TwitIQ and others, they still had the old password and used it before I could change it. Doing this too many times caused Twitter to lock me out. Thank you Twitter! I’m glad they have this in place.

What I should have done –

I should have revoked the access on all 3rd party applications before I used them. I should have changed the password in the application while it was “off line.” After changing the passwords, most applications will automatically reconnect so that part is easy.

So –

– Watch which 3rd party sites you use
– Change your password immediately if you have been compromised
– Turn off access in Connections then change password in applications

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