ReTweeting on Twitter (RT)

You read something on Twitter and you want to repeat it on your time line. This is called ReTweeting or as everyone shortens it to just RT.

Twitter is going to have this automated in a future release but for now, and then if you want to customize, you need to manual RT.

The convention is to include RT, @theauthors-username and sometimes the @source.

I’ve seen some Tweets with too many @’s crediting the whole chain of senders. This is nice but what if you don’t have the room or don’t want to include that many @’s? The best practice is to at least go back to the original source or author of the Tweet.


If the Tweet is an original work of the author I like to put the RT @username at the first of the Tweet.

Here is an example where I RTed a poem.
RTing on Twitter Example 1

If I RT an article I don’t feel the name should go in the front. I usually credit the source at the end by saying Via @source or Txs @source.
Via RT example for Twitter

Here is an example where I was thinking two Followers for RTing something of mine:
Thanking Twitter Followers for RT

If you want to RT a blog article, a lot of times there will be a link or graphic for that. On this blog, click the green ReTweet button to RT this article. If you do, I’ll Tweet a TXS! RT Button

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