Twitter Limits Followers on Following View

Did you know that Twitter limits the number of Followers they show on the Following View All pages?

Pick any profile that is Following more than 10,000 people.

Notice the “View All…” link at the bottom of the Following picture grid.

Click -> View All…

This takes you to the “Following” page.

For example, Chris Harrington is following over 15,000 people His Following first page is at:

Scroll down and Click -> Next ยป

Notice that the URL has changed to:

Here is where the limiting happens. I would have thought that you could page through all of a users Followers but Twitter has limited it.

Go to and find Followers.

Go to and find no body.

At this time it looks like Twitter has a limit on how many people you can view if the profile is Following over 10,020!

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