Twitter – Micro Blogging or Massive Spamming Platform?

Twitter is a micro blogging platform. I wish everyone would agree to that. But there are way too many people who are using it as a Spamming attempt.

I say attempt because I can’t believe people are clicking or following the Twitter Spammers.

I have seen hundreds of profiles that are just repeats of the same post. How boring, and this spammer thinks this is going to work? Just because you can send out repeating posts doesn’t mean we are stupid enough to click on them.

Why are people doing this? Easy, they spent ~$25 on a program that told them to. There are Twitter “Gurus” out there saying “Start 300 Twitter profiles and you will be rich!” The only guys getting rich this way are the the e-book authors. But you can sell their book and make them richer!

Like these:
1) Generate Cash At Will Using Twitter. Using The Turbo Cash Generator You Can Generate Cash At Will Using Twitter. It’s All Done Automatically. Just Sign Up, Enter Your Twitter Details And Start Earning.

2) Twitter Automated Profits Machine. Shows Even The Complete Online Beginner How To Profit By Setting Up Multiple, Automatic, Self Operating Money Machines On Twitter. Put The Pre-written, ‘done For You’ Affiliate Resources To Work For You.

3) The Tweet Tank 99% Automated Twitter Cash! This Is A Powerful 8 Video Series That Teaches You Exactly What To Do To Be Up And Running In Just One Hour! Add 20,000+ Twitter Followers In Under 30 Days!

4) Twitter Online System. “Proven Turnkey System That Only Requires You To Set Up It ONCE, Forget About It, And Start Making Money Through Twitter Today!”

5) Twitter Traffic Exposed Discover How To Tap Into A Massive Flow Of Traffic From Twitter Today & Make More Money In Your Online Business Guaranteed.

These programs might give you a fast-track to Twitter success but not if you plan on Spamming folks.

What is the opposite of Twitter Spammers? How about Twitter profiles with thousands of followers (over 50,000) but NO TWEETS! How does this happen?

If you want followers who will follow anybody, follower this guy’s followers:

Twitter Un Spammer

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