Using WordPress to Backup Twitter Tweets

I’ve been reading about people loosing Tweets on Twitter. As mentioned on Read Write Web, one person lost over 29,000 Tweets.

I tend to back-up my best Tweets before I send them out. But that does not save my conversations.

I’ve seen and used Tweet back uping services but I still felt like someone else had my data.

I then learned of the WordPress Plugin for Twitter called Twitter Tools.

3. Twitter Tools: Archive Tweets in WordPress

Twitter Tools is a WordPress blog plugin which integrates your blog and Twitter account. Once installed and configured, the plugin can be used to both Twitter links to your blog and to create posts which contain your recent tweets. While this is handy for the WordPress blog owner, keep in mind that post after post of “Today’s Tweets” isn’t all that appealing to blog readers. You may want to create a separate blog for this if you intend to use WordPress as your own personal Twitter archive.
From the Sarah Perez article 10 Ways to Archive Your Tweets.

Thank you Sarah, and I agree, it will be best to make a new blog just for my Tweets.

My new blog is Of course, the main purpose of this blog is to use the WordPress database (that I have access to) as a backup for my Tweets.

Had to go through the usual dance of starting a new blog, add myself as admin, delete the admin account…

Next I’ll have to go in and set up my Thesis Theme for WordPress to at least make it a little pretty. I would suggest the Thesis Theme for WordPress to anyone with a WordPress blog that wants to have control over the look and feel of it. 🙂

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