Which Shell is the Blog Under?

I’m about to try something I’ve never done before, transfer a WordPress Blog database from one URL to another.

This blog is where I blog about my blogging. Kinda like a picture of a picture.

I currently have it a 4uqi.com and I would like to move it to YanceyG.com. I already have a blog at YanceyG.com so first I’m going to move it.

I’m going to put it at a sub-domain; tsteps.yanceyg.com.


1. from Dashboard click “Tools” click “Export”

2. Click “Download Export File”

Now on the new blog

3. Click “Tools” click “Import”
WordPress Install the WordPress importer to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.
You have to install the installer. (A picture of a picture again?)
4. Click “WordPress”

5. Click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”
6. Choose the file you just exported
7. Click “Upload file and Import”

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