Add Links in Sidebar for WordPress Blog

I’m running three columns for my WordPress blog. I like my content in the first column, navigation in the second and info in the third.

Follow me in putting links for navigation into the second column of my WordPress blog.

Click -> Appearance
Click -> Widgets

I’m going to use a “Text” Widget to house my links. This gives me more control over the HTML than using the “BlogRoll”

Past in your links. One link I’m pasting in is my “Follow Yancey on Twitter” link.

<a href=””>Follow Yancey on Twitter</a>

While we are here, I’m going to add “Recent Posts” to my third column.

I had to click the little triangle on the right side of  “Sidebar 2” to see my already added “RSS.”
Sidebar 2 WordPress Widgets

I’m dragging and dropping “Recent Posts” to the Sidebar 2 area.
I changed the number of posts to show to “10.”

I did NOT put anything in the “Title” area of either the “Text” Widget in Sidebar 1 or the “Recent Posts” Widget in Sidebar 2.

I’m going to also add the “Search” to Sidebar 1.

I’ve hit “Save” and I’m done!

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