Akismet Spam Catcher

WordPress Plugins for BlogRight now as I’ve started this new WordPress blog, there is a 1 in a red circle next to the “Plugins” menu choice.

This plugin comes installed but you need to take some steps to set it up, even if it does not need upgrading.

Clicking on it:

Akismet Plugin for WordPress

I clicked on the “Upgrade Automatically” and then clicked on “Activate Plugin.”

All you may have to do is click “Activate Plugin.”

Now at the top notice the notice that reads:

Akismet Plugin Ready for WordPress

This is very important, if you skip this step you will get more spam comments.

Click -> “enter your WordPress.com API key”
Click -> “Get your key” This takes you to http://wordpress.com/profile You will need to SIGN UP using a name and password at this point.

I already have one so I’m clicking “login” you should click “Sign Up” if you don’t have a profile yet.

Click -> “Profile” Your WoredPress.com API key is at the top of the page. Copy it.

Return to your WordPress plugins page and you may have to click “enter your WordPress.com API key” again.

Paste your number into the key field.

WordPress.com API Key

OK, yes, I DO need to check the “Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.”

Click -> “Update options”

That is it! Getting the API key is not hard and you have to do it to stop a lot of the spam. This will help you enjoy your new WordPress blog.

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