Blog within a Blog

Here is a really cool trick. A blog within a blog.

I was starting a new topic that required a daily post and I didn’t want it muddying up this blog. However I needed it to mainly be a part of this blog.

It is easy to do.

I’ll set up a new blog and make a link here to it.

With my hosting company, I can have a sub domain so I created a new one for my blog within a blog. In this case I used The dtg stands for the subject matter of the blog; Daily Twitter Goal.

The first steps are the same as setting up this blog.

Starting a New WordPress Blog
Akismet Spam Catcher
Installing Thesis Theme for WordPress
FeedBurner in the Thesis Theme
Thesis Theme Options Settings
Thesis Theme Design Options for WordPress

I’ve got my new blog set up so in the upcoming posts I’ll show how I will connect it to this blog, and the ways that the new blog is different.

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