Change WordPress Themes

WordPress comes with two themes currently. However there are lots of “themes” that you can add to WordPress. There are lots of free themes as well.

However, I choose to work with a theme that is maintained and upgraded as WordPress gets better.

I’ve been using the Thesis Theme for WordPress for over a year now. I have helped others create dozens of blogs with it and I am still enthralled. I’ve gotten lots of help in the support group and usually what I want to do has already been asked and I don’t even have to post to get my answers.

Nuff soapbox salesmanship bs.

I use Thesis Theme for WordPress so this part of creating a new WordPress blog will be about that.

The goal for this post is to install the Thesis Theme to your WordPressTheme folder. There are many ways to do this depending on your hosting company and the tools you use for FTP.

I use DreamWeaver for my FTP client.

Once I have created a new WordPress blog on my Media Temple hosting account I open DreamWeaver.
(I use Media Temple to Host my WordPress blogs – See Steps to Make WordPress Blog)

I connect to my Media Temple account then I go to “Remote View.”

Here, under my Media Temple domains, I can find and choose my new WordPress blog that I have just set up.

Open wp-content, click on Themes and download to your local drive.

Go to “Local View” drag and drop the Thesis folder into the Themes folder the upload the folder.

Once you have the Thesis Theme for WordPress uploaded return to your new WordPress blog’s Dashboard.

Click -> Appearance

Click -> Activate on the Thesis Theme

Fantastic, your new WordPress theme is now activated.

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