Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress

I wanted a simple quick contact form for my WordPress blog Twitter Goals. I wanted people to be able to suggest goal ideas.

I looked at some of the contact forms out there and was suprised that the one I used to use, cformsII was not available from the WordPress Plugin library. I do suggest cformsII if you want to do something complex.

Today I want simple and here is how I did it.

Steps for Creating form with Contact Form 7

From your WordPress Dashboard:

Click -> Plugins
Click -> Add New
Enter “Contact Form 7” into the Search field.
Click -> Search Plugins

Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress

Click -> Install

Install Contact Form 7 plugin WordPress

Click -> Install Now

Click -> Activate Plugin
Settings form wpClick -> Settings

Excellent, we are in! It will look like this:
Contact Form Easy CreateI’m leaving the title alone but if you click on the Header you can change it.
You can use the contact form just like this, all you have to do is paste the code where you want it.

Paste this code for form:  [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]

I’m going to put it into a Page so I’m going to:

Click -> Pages
Click -> Add New

I’m putting “Suggest Goal” in the Header.

Then paste [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”] into the body.

Click -> Publish
Click -> Preview Changes

Presto, you now have a contact form!

Now is a good time to test it. Fill out your form and send it to yourself and make sure you get the email.

I’m going to modify mine. I’m changing the email, hiding the subject and will change the wording on the message area.

Right now the email code is [email* your-email] but I don’t need peoples email so I am changing this
[email* your-email] to [email*]

I deleted
<p>Your Email (required)<br />
<p>Subject<br />

I put the subject code under my request for their Twitter Username.
[text your-subject]

I just tested my form and it works great for me. I wanted simple and quick so it is not pretty when the email comes. The subject is their Twitter Username and there is nothing in the “From”. This might make a spam filter catch it so be sure to check your settings if you do not get the email.

CAPTCHA is available via an additional plugin but I will not bother with it until the need for it arises.

That is what I wanted a quick short and simple form for my new WordPress blog.
My form is at Suggest Twitter Goal.

Have a good day!

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