Custom Header Graphic for WordPress Blog

For the blog I am currently creating, I have a custom graphic that I will use at the header of the blog.

I am creating this blog with WordPress and am using the Thesis Theme.

These steps involve the Thesis Theme.

There is a plugin at goes with the Thesis Theme that allows you to hook into all areas of a blog layout.

I’m going to use a hook to add a custom header graphic for my blog.

Click -> Plugins
Click-> Add New
Enter “Thesis OpenHook” into the plugin search field.
Click -> Search Plugins

Thesis OpenHook Plugin for WordPress

Click -> Install
Click -> Install Now
Click -> Activate Plugin
Click -> Appearance
Click -> Thesis Options
Thesis Options Display HeaderWe will want to turn these “off” so the site name and tagline are not shown in the header.

Click -> Big Ass Save Button

Time to up load the graphic.

Click -> Media
Click -> Add New
Click -> Select Files
Browse to your graphic
Click -> Open

Now your graphic is in the WordPress folder on your server.

Copy the “File URL”

Click -> Update Media
Click -> Appearance
Click -> Thesis OpenHook

Navigate to or use the “Select a hook” and go to Header which is under Header hooks.

Paste in the URL of your graphic.

Make it into HTML add <img src=” before the url then “> after it.

ie: <img src=””>

Make it clickable and link it to your home page:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

Click -> Little Ass Save Button

Visit your blog now, it looks purdy.

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