Google Sitemap for WordPress Blog

I’m hearing an echo out there and it’s coming from me. I need to have my content found by Google so it won’t be so hollow here.

I’ve decided to use Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold.

To install use your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Plugins.”
Click -> Add New

In the Search field enter: Google XML Sitemaps
Click -> Search Plugins

Arne’s Google XML Sitemaps should come up first.
Click -> Install
Click -> Install Now
Click -> Activate Plugin

You should now be at the Manage Plugins page.
Under the Google XML Sitemaps
Click -> Settings

Notice under “Status” that the sitemap has not been built yet.
Click -> Click Here

This might take awhile depending on how big your blog is.

Now I had a problem where the page seemed to be refreshing for a long time. I finally hit “Stop” and the page on 1 of the 4 said the sitemap was built. But the other 3 gave me an error message. But when I reloaded the error message went away.

google sitemap for WordPress

Scroll down until you see “Location of your sitemap file”
I like the Automatic detection Detected URL so I’m not changing anything.
But here is where you will find the location URL of your sitemap.

The sitemap for this blog is at

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