Installation of WordPress

This is the next step to creating a WordPress blog. My previous post was the first step.

Here is what the Installation page of WordPress looks like:

WordPress Intall Screen

Enter your Blog Title (You can change this later)
Enter your E-mail
Check the box to “Allow my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati.”

Click -> Install WordPress

WordPress starts off with one user called “Admin.” This is bad. Keeping the “Admin” makes your blog less secure so the first thing I always do with a new blog is create a new account with Administration privileges and delete the default “Admin.”

Follow these dance steps. 🙂

The next page shows this:
WordPress Installation Success! Page
Highlight and copy the auto generated password.

Click -> Log In

WordPress Main Log In Screen

Enter “Admin” as the Username and paste in the Password.
Do NOT check the “Remember Me” box as we are going to delete this Username in a minute.

Yippee! We are in the newly created WordPress blog Dashboard area!

Click on “Users” which is in the column on the left.

WordPress Add New User Panel

Click -> Add New

WordPress New User Information Page

Make sure you change the Role to “Administrator.”

Also, you will have to use a different email than you used for the Admin. If you do not have access to two email addresses then you can just put a fake placeholder email address in right now. Then after we have deleted the Admin user you can update to your correct email address.

Fill out the form making sure to write down your Username and Password in some safe place.

Click -> Add User

Click -> Log Out

Log back in using your new Username and Password. You can click the “Remember Me” box if you are using a secure computer. Do not check this box if you are using a public computer.

Click -> Log In

Yippee! We are back in the Dashboard area with our new Username.

Click -> Users

Roll over the “admin” user and the “Delete” button pops up.

Click -> Delete

WordPress Delete User

Click -> Confirm Deletion

Excellent, your new WordPress blog is now more secure.

You can now go back into your new Username and change the email address if needed.

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