Starting a New WordPress Blog

Here I go again. I’m starting a new WordPress blog again. This time it was because I got a new URL for Twitter.

My last URL was over 20 characters long (after the site specific info) and Twitter was shorting it. That would have been fine but when people ReTweeted RT my posts, half the URL would be missing. The visitors arrived at the front page but not the specific page that I wanted them to.

Solution: Shorter URL.

Hello 🙂 My new URL. Qi or Chi is life breath in the Chinese culture. In yoga it is prana, in Japan they call it ki, and the scientists call it the theory of the zero-point field. I choose for it’s shortness and it is what I do, show you ways to use Qi.

I will take two of my old blogs and use them here. and (for those who know and care.)

But right now, here is how I start with a new WordPress Blog.

The first thing I do is go to Users and create a new user with Admin authority. I then log off and sign back in as the new user. I then go in and delete the admin user. This makes it just a little bit harder for someone to hack my blog account.

The second thing I did was write this post. 🙂

Before I hit “Publish” I’m going to start a new Category for posts like these, lets call it “WP.” I know I should call it something more descriptive but I’m still in keep it short mode and know that I can fit more Categories accross the top of my blog if I keep the categories names short. If you are starting a WordPress blog, you’ve seen lots of WP around and should know what it is.

Well my word count is above 250 which means I should be wrapping it up. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading the first post of my new blog. Raise the flag of the 😉

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