Steps to Make WordPress Blog

I recently created a new WordPress blog that showed a daily goal for people on Twitter. After running it a few weeks I found some problems.

1. I didn’t like the name I had chosen
2. I didn’t like the URL I had chosen
3. I have learned new tricks and want to use them

I’m going to create a new blog and I’ve been asked to outline my steps to make a new WordPress blog.

MediaTemple Hosting for WordPress +I use for hosting. I’m using their cloud computing service that they call (gs) Grid-Service.

My first step in creating a new WordPress blog is to sign on to my Media Temple account.

Once in the “AccountCenter” I click on “Admin” which takes me to GridControl area. From here I have all these choices, notice the 1-Click Applications in the lower right, that is what we want right now.

Media Temple GridControls

Media Temple has set up these 1-Click Applications to make it quick and simple to install Drupal, ZenCart as well as WordPress.

Click -> Add New Application
Media Temple 1-Click Applications Drupal WordPress Zen Cart
Click the “Start” button next to WordPress.

Install WordPress on Media Temple

You can have sub-domains with Media Temple. This is so cool. My main domain is and my new WordPress blog is associated with this one so I am going to use the domain as the new URL for my WordPress blog. With sub-domains, you can have anything before the period then your domain. (

Database configuration is where you name your database. For instance, you could name it wpmyblog.

Database table prefix: This is very very important!!! You MUST change this. Make it wpmyblog_ or something like that. If you keep it wp_ then your WordPress database is less secure. Brute force attacks have targeted the wp_ and by changing it we are doing “security by obscurity.”

Click -> install

WordPress Finish Auto InstallingThe page will refresh a couple of times then you will see the “Finish” button next to your new domain name.

Click -> Finish

The next screen you get is the WordPress Installation Screen.
WordPress Intall Screen
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