Thesis Theme Design Options for WordPress

Today I’m making the first changes to Thesis Theme for WordPress in the Design Options page on the dashboard of my WordPress blog.

Follow along, go to your Dashboard for your WordPress blog.

Click -> Appearance
Click -> Design Options
Here is what it will look like:

Thesis Design Options for WordPress blog

Under Fonts and Font Sizes
Click -> + sign for Body (and Content Area)
I changed the font from Georgia to Verdana which I believe is easier to read.

Right now I will NOT be using a graphic as a header so I want my header to look nice. I want the type face to be just a little different than the rest of the body.

Click -> + sign for Header
I changed the font to Trebuchet MS

Site Layout
Click -> Columns
I’m keeping the 3 column layout for my blog but I’m changing the sizes.
My settings are:
Content column: 500
Sidebars 1 & 2: 200

Click -> Teaser Display Options
I turn off the “Date” as this time is not important with my posts.

Multimedia Box
This is a very power part of the Thesis Theme for WordPress. I know a lot of people who use Thesis just because of the awesome Multimedia Box. On some of my blogs, I have my ads here.

But on this blog, I want it clean and simple so for right now I’m turning the Multimedia Box off.

Click -> Default Settings
Change “Rotating images” to “Do not show box.”

Click -> Big Ass Save Button

And that is it! Quick simple fun and effective, that is the Thesis Theme for WordPress.
Now my Design Options are set up for my blog.

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