Thesis Theme Options Settings

Use the “Header Scripts” to put Google Analytics or other scripts that you want run before the rest of your page.

Enter your Meta Description into the “Home Page Meta” area.

I don’t mind a big home page so I set the “Home Page Display” to 10. I may change this in the future but this is what I am going to start with.

Under “Display Options” I turn off the “Show published-on date in the post byline.” You can also control these other choices here:
Thesis Theme WordPress Bylines Options

The “Select pages to include in nave menu:” will be used after I make some pages. Remember this is here.

Under “Include these category pages in nav menu:” I have selected the categories that I have made.

And that is all I do with my first changes to the Thesis Theme for WordPress’s Options Settings page.

Make sure you click the “Big Ass Save Button.” (Which you can change if you don’t like having a big ass.)

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