Upgrading to latest WordPress

For me to start my WordPress blog, my hosting company had a “one click” install. This did not install the latest version of WordPress.

I know this because there is a notice in the center of my WordPress admin area Dashboard.

Upgrade WordPress Blog

The version number dates this post. 🙂

To update your WordPress blog to the latest version:

Click -> “Please update now.”

Upgrade WordPress Important

Notice the notice and link for backing up your database and files. If you have published a hand full of posts, you may want to learn how to back up your data. I back up my data base using tools that my hosting company provides. I back up my files using Dreamweaver to download them to my personal hard drive.

My next step will be to double backup by moving a copy of my database and files to a “cloud.” Microsoft’s “SkyDrive” is a free cloud backup service. There is 25 GB of free storage on Windows Live the only problems are you have to sign up for Windows Live ID and also view their ads. (not a problem for me for free)

But, as this is a bran new WordPress blog and I only have a couple of posts, I’m going to just upgrade to the new version without backing up. I’ve upgraded WordPress dozens of times and so far have never had a problem. That being said, back up before you upgrade.

I’m Clicking -> “Upgrade Automatically.” — There, no problems.

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