Here I Go Again, Another WordPress Blog

I’m starting a new project, Fans of Energy, which is a daily energy intention idea. I’ve got my Twitter page, FaceBook page, and now I’ve started my WordPress Blog.

I use MediaTemple as my hosting company and they have a nice one click install of WordPress. It actually took me three times before the install worked correctly. Satisfaction is when you see the basic WordPress template on your site:

Seeing the front end is exciting, I will be changing this up quite a bit. Let’s take a look at the back end. I went to the WordPress Dashboard:

Notice that there is a new version of WordPress available. Always update to the newest version. My first step.

I have always been successful just clicking the “Update Automatically.”

Did you notice there was a plug-in that needed upgrading as well? The Akismet Plugin helps with the spammers. The Akismet Plugin comes with WordPress for a reason, it works, I always have it updated and activated.

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